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We are team of professional builders with more then 15 years of building experience behind us.

Over years we took part in different projects of different complexity on different stages and having different roles-from workers to site managers. Our experience led us to decision to start our own business and do what we can do and believe in most. It is building timber frame homes from scratch.

We also believe, that building new home nowadays can sometimes be really tricky and that is due to the fact, that there are way too many men dealing with it. Too many managers and building teams where people oftentimes change, for a number of reasons, but the end result is always affected and not i the best way.

The result is usually affected by lack of supervision, knowledge and experience, use of wrong materials and improper techniques, rotation of people in teams and so on.

That is exactly why you can be sure that your project is under control when you turn to us. Because it will always be the same men who do the job and also supervise and manage it.

We simply do it all ourselves from the beginning till the end, that allows us to have full control of what is going on on site and with documentation.

Call us, write, or fill in the feedback form and we will contact you and answer all questions!



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