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  • Timber frame homes were always very popular in northern countries. Like North America and Scandinavia where homes built of stones are rarity. Reasons are many, but the most important of them all is saving energy. Saving when using and saving when building. Timber frame home has always been very efficient

  • price and short time required for building

  • building all year round

  • saving on foundation due to low weight and high flexibility of a timber frame house

  • natural materials and healthy climate indoors

  • flexibility and variability both on drawing and on site

  • saving by not using any heavy machinery and special tools

  • energy efficiency, proper timber frame home gets warm very quickly and stays warm for very long time

  • frame itself is very strong, durable and flexible

  • it is quite simple to rebuild and repair a timber frame house

Of course, there will always be a room for disappointment.

But the timber frame house, if built properly using proper materials of correct quality and quantity, will always be a really good and smart choice.

Timber frame home usually stands at least 50 years, but with good maintenance and care it is usual to see timber frame homes that offer comfort living to their owners for 100 years and more.

We believe that a proper timber frame house is the best in our northern climate.

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